Q1 2020 Top PEAD Winners

One of the best swing strategies on Wall Street is to buy stocks that gap up on earnings announcements. Why? Because stocks that gap up on strong earning reports tend to produce unusual returns due to a phenomenon known as the Post Earnings Announcement Drift (PEAD). The following list of stocks gapped up on strong Q1 2020 earning reports and produced substantial post-earning announcement drifts.

I am currently building software which will track all stocks that gap up (and down) on earnings announcements. Objective: keep traders informed of all of the stocks that can potentially produce substantial PEAD returns. ETA: in 2 months.

Q1 2020 Top Winners

FSLY +122%

SE +65.1%

NVAX +53.8%

SNAP +46.7%

TWLO +42.7%

DDOG +40.6%

WIX +28.9%

PYPL +20.4%

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