Swing Trading Theme Trends

Best swing trading opportunities are presented when strong theme trends emerge due to various macroeconomic, sector and / or regulatory catalysts.

In order to capitalize on the theme trends, you need to understand the catalysts behind them and of course stay with the trend until the catalyst fades away. Below are some of the examples of the recent theme trends:

Pandemic of 2020

Travel industry in a free fall due to national and world-wide lockdowns.

BA, daily

At the same time, Zoom benefited from pandemic for obvious reasons.

ZM, daily

EV Sector Hype

EV sector hype due to electric vehicles boom (or rather expectations of the future boom)

JKS, daily

Energy Sector Post Presidential Elections

Energy sector growth due to rising energy prices

XLE, daily

Rotation Out Of Tech

Rotation out of the tech stocks amid an increase in Treasury bond yields

NDX, daily

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