Market Analysis (17 May’21)

Looking at the four major indices, we see that the Dow Jones and S&P500 continue to show relative strength and move within the very clear uptrends. Russell has been consolidating since mid February. The Nasdaq is the weakest index right now, however, it has also formed a potential bullish pattern.

Dow Jones

In a clear uptrend. Has recently formed the 4th Bear Trap pattern since mid February.

YM, 4h


In a clear uptrend as well. Also, just as Dow Jones, the S&P500 has recently formed another Bear Trap pattern.

ES, 4h


In a consolidation mode since February. Consolidation will continue as long as the index holds above the 2100 support.

RTY, 4h


The Nasdaq index is the weakest of the four major indices. The index might be forming yet another Rounding Bottom pattern.

NQ, 4h

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