Transports Continue To Lag: Should We Be Worried?

Although the broader market is still flirting with records, the transport sector has struggled to recover lost ground—a potentially ominous sign for investors who believe transports need to rebound for the market to break higher. However, the last 10 years provide evidence that the bearish divergence between Transports and S&P500 does not necessary lead to market crashes.

ROKU: Watch What Happens Next Week

RROKU faced a number of really negative news catalysts in September and the stock dropped 45% in one month! The stock has been consolidating in October showing signs of seller exhaustion. Additionally, the short interest spiked substantially recently which might result in a potential shorsqueeze if the price starts moving higher. What happens next will determine its next big move.

2019 Tech IPOs: No Gain, Just Pain

The 2019 class of IPOs includes a number of so-called unicorns, including high-profile names like Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Zoom and Slack. Together, the unprofitable IPOs have already raised the most cash of any year since at least 2000. Peloton’s Thursday debut on the Nasdaq is just the latest money-losing firm to go public—and also the latest to disappoint.