My Market Model

I struggled to become a profitable trader until I developed my market model several years ago. My goal was to create a system which would generate high probability LONG and SHORT signals on S&P500.

The model is using 2 sets of indicators: breadth and technical. The LONG / SHORT signals are provided when the breadth indicators are pointing up / down and the technical indicators are in a buy / sell mode. When my model is LONG, most of my day and swing trades are bullish. Conversely, when it is SHORT, I am primarily trading on the short side.

Before adding an indicator to the market model, I back-tested it and made sure that its buy and sell signals produced positive returns over time.


Market Model Recent Performance

Green areas – Model was LONG

Red ares – Model was SHORT

How To Follow My Market Model

I update my market model daily after each trading session on my web-site. I also provide additional insights, market analysis, tape reading and other relevant observations, which help me in my positioning, decision-making, sizing and trading.

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